Approved Food Voucher Codes and Deals

Food is an essential item required for sustenance, and we end up spending loads on it! At Approved Food, you will be able to save up a large chunk of your money rather than buying it from a ... Morehigh street grocery store! Every year in the UK, over 7 million tons of food and drink is thrown away because it has passed its “best before” date, but is still in a usable condition. At Approved Food you will get food with a short-dated or surplus stock, that is food that is near its best before date or has passed it, but would still be perfectly good to eat!
Do not worry as the store will not sell you goods which have crossed their “use by” dates, so you will be in good hands! Dates which have passed their best before dates are safe to eat but would have changed in their texture and taste a bit. However, food which have crossed their “use by” dates are not safe to consume! At Approved Foods, you will also get delivery for all your food, carefully packed to your doorstep. Stay tuned to our website to take home some food at cheap prices!Less